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The South San Joaquin Valley Region Invasive Aedes Workshop was held at Kearney Jan 20, 2017.

First reported in California in June 2013, the invasive mosquito Aedes aegypti can vector four viruses: yellow fever, dengue, Khikungunya and Zika. Moderated by entomologist Anthony Cornel, Ph.D. at Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension Center and the entomology department at UC Davis, the workshop's agenda included

  • Programmatic updates and discussion on surveillance, control, public outreach activities, and research efforts in greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District and the Consolidated Mosquito Abatement District of the South San Joaquin Valley Region
  • Evaluation and discussion of surveillance techniques and integrated vector management approaches to control invasive Aedes in areas where established and newly invaded
  • Public outreach and community involvement
  • Response plans: discussion of how plans address the invasion/expansion of invasive Aedes, the mosquito control efforts in response to imported disease cases, and the response to autochthonous transmission of the disease
  • Discussion and summary

Many informational posters from the California Department of Health were available. There was also a sample of a screened storm water drain to exclude Aedes from underground egg laying locations.

An example of how to screen stormwater drains to exclude the Aedes mosquito from potential underground egg laying areas.

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