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Kearney shares summer mornings with high school students from Reedley College Upward Bound Math and Science program.

The last two weeks of June were filled with the activity of high school students brought from Reedley College for experiential learning about math and science in agriculture. Kearney has played a part in Upward Bound for several years, hosting a portion of the student workshops for two weeks each June. The program is described on the Reedley College Upward Bound website:

The Reedley College Upward Bound Programs are highly successful, precollege programs for predominately low-income and first generation college bound high school students. …The general purpose of Upward Bound is to generate excitement and increase the rates of college enrollment among high school students.

Partnering with Upward Bound is an important part of the strong Outreach Program at Kearney. Please enjoy the following pictures of some of the 2019 summer learning and fun.

Dr.Peter Ako Larbi guides a student in measuring nozzle output volume per time, as affected by pressure.

Cayci Allison, Staff Research Associate, hands out specimens of pinned ants in the workshop by Dr. Kristen Tollerup.

After laboratory work, Kris took the ant students outside to study ant behavior and ecology.

UC Davis PhD. Candidate Leslie Holland points out the virtues and vices of plant pathogens to her interested (and somewhat grossed-out) students.
Dr.Paulo Lichtemberg adjusts a dish of microorganisms under the projection camera as his students watch.
"See, you guys? Wash your hands!" The projected image of Paulo's petri dishes of ubiquitous germs had many of the students reaching for hand sanitizer. Perfect!



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