Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center
University of California
Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center


The Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center has 170,000 square feet of facilities consisting of 45 offices, 40 laboratories and 30 greenhouses. Other available resources include a postharvest lab, drying equipment, cold storage, weighing lysimeter and weather station.

Conferences, workshops, seminars and other educational activities are accommodated by a 240-seat conference facilities and smaller meeting rooms. Office and laboratory space is available on an as-needed basis for temporary and visiting scientists. A dormitory with overnight space for 12 occupants is available.


KARE administration office provides financial, administrative, and human resource support to administration, environmental health and safety, field research and farm operations, physical plant operations and maintenance, specialized facility research operations, and the IR4-field research center. Support is also provided to researchers that reside both on and off the center.

In addition, support is provided to the KARE Research Advisory Committee (RAC) and 5 sub-advisory committees specializing in tree, vine, row, greenhouse, and post harvest studies. All research project proposals must be submitted electronically to Janie Duran, office manager, to begin the review and approval process.

In cooperation with the center director, program development including the coordination and management support for open houses, the Parlier science fair, and educational outreach is accomplished through close interaction with school districts, local governments, and industry. Our goal is to support and achieve highly successful events. For additional information, contact Janie Duran,, (559) 646-6010.

The administrative office coordinates the scheduling of conference rooms, tours, field days and the dormitory. Payments for these activities are handled through this office. For more information contact Diana Nix, Office Assistant,, (559) 646-6500.

Distribution and tracking of all center facility keys is managed and monitored by this unit. Current researchers can request keys for respective staff members by contacting Marcia Holmes-Baker, Office Assistant,, (559) 646-6011. A signed key request form must be completed by all sponsoring faculty. All keys must be signed for at the time of issuance, and returned when no longer needed.

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