Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center
University of California
Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center


Key components of the research greenhouse complex include:

  • 24 greenhouse modules providing for separation of projects to reduce study conflicts. There are 12 modules at 24 ft x 18 ft, 12 modules at 24 ft x 25 ft.

  • Screened central intake plenums, framed glass, and concrete floors enable a high level of hygiene and pest/pathogen containment or exclusion.

  • Galvanized expanded metal benches with adjustable height assist in hygiene, disease control and research design flexibility.

  • Irrigation water, reverse osmosis water, and infrastructure for house fertilizer water provide for research design flexibility.

  • Computer control and monitoring via a QCom greenhouse control program enables history sample collection of weather and module conditions and assists control of variables. Each module has spare inputs and outputs for research design flexibility.

  • Heating and cooling is accomplished with automated plenum vents, unit heaters, exhaust fans, circulating fans, automated shade curtain and evaporative cooling pads.

  • Light can be manipulated with automated shade and HID growth light systems.

  • Research equipment can be connected to automated power outlets. In addition, each module has a compressed air line.

  • An automated emergency power backup system helps protect research during power outages.

  • A 5,000-sq-ft headhouse with over 4,000 assignable sq ft has 2 laboratories, a chemical mixing/storage room, 2 large areas for ancillary activities, and steam sterilization pasteurization equipment.
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