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Physical plant

Physical plant's primary mission is the construction management, operation and maintenance of all Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center buildings grounds and facilities. Our unit provides highly skilled technicians and support staff that respond to emergency service calls 24/7. Where possible, the physical plant unit actively assists researchers by installing new equipment, or altering the existing facilities to help meet new and changing research program goals. Within the funds available, a uniform level of maintenance (categorized by type of facility) is provided for buildings and grounds throughout KARE.

It is our goal to support Kearney's mission by providing prompt and dependable service.  We have put a priority on energy savings projects and the improvement of the facilities comfort and overall appearance. Our services include work on all types of refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, plumbing, compressed air, vacuum and energy management systems.

Prior to the purchase of new equipment please contact Bob Ray, superintendent of physical plant, in order to determine space, power and utility needs. Keep in mind that projects and repairs to equipment and systems installed to benefit a specific research effort are considered researcher owned and are maintained at departmental expense on a recharge basis. To request routine repair or project assistance, please contact Bob Ray at or submit a written work order. Blank work orders can be obtained in the KARE administrative offices located in Building 105.

For urgent or emergency services, please contact Bob Ray, Patrick West or Andy Padilla at the following numbers:

  • Bob Ray: (559) 646-6050, Cell (559) 696-1732
  • Patrick West: (559) 646-6052, Cell (559) 647-1059
  • Andrew Padilla: (559) 646-6053, Cell (559) 318-0736

Additionally, regular custodial services are provided by skilled custodial staff to all labs, offices, meeting rooms, lobbies and administrative areas throughout the center. The custodial group led by Sal Garcia, assistant custodial supervisor, strives to provide a consistent and quality cleaning program which supports the research mission of the center. To request routine custodial services, please contact Ivan Aldana at

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