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Subscription for Farm Mapping

This online map allows a grower to locate and annotate fields (fill in what types of crop, and other pertinent information) associated with his/her farming operation. This site allows the grower to create a GIS layer of his/her field distribution and input some basic information about each field, such as: commodity, yield, variety, crop conditions in a geodatabase.

By indicating where fields are located and attaching information about the fields, a very basic GIS is created on the KARE GIS website and stored in a password protected geodatabase environment. The small yearly subscription fee allows for the map to remain on the KARE GIS server to be viewed and edited interactively by the grower. 

The yearly subscription provides:

1. The interactive mapping website to locate fields and annotate them with: 
a.  Commodity,
b. Two text fields
c.  Two numeric fields

2. Two GIS layers prepared and added to your "Cloud" map such as trees
mapped as point data.

3. Limited GIS support to transition to GIS software (to be discussed).

To discuss starting a secure mapping environment for you to begin using GIS for fam management, contact:

Kris Lynn-Patterson,

Robert Johnson

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