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Extension, Outreach & Education

KARE is uniquely positioned to support extension of UC’s research-based information to farmers and members of the public because of its locations, facilities and associated personnel. There are research orchards and vineyards on-site as well nearby commercial plantings of the key specialty crops. Extension activities include meetings, field days, tours, web conferences, ANR publications, peer-reviewed journals, and an contemporary and emerging electronic tools such as online learning, web content systems and repositories, social media, impact and evaluation tools, along with specialized and public media outlets. Programs are offered and carried out in collaboration with county and campus-based UC academics as well as government, regulatory agencies, grower and commodity groups and private industries. Key clientele include almond, grape, citrus, pistachio, stone fruit, and walnut growers, pest control advisors, spray technology industries and commodity groups, conservation/environmental groups and public agencies.