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Field Days, Workshops, and Programs

Tours of the Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center are scheduled and directed by center staff. Tours are usually between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Alternative schedules may be accommodated on a case-by-case basis. General field tours are normally 1-1 ½ hours in length and can be scheduled by contacting superintendent of agriculture Vince Silva at vasilva@ucanr.edu , (559) 646-6020.

Tours of the specialized facilities (postharvest research, greenhouses, etc.) may be scheduled by contacting Ryan Puckettt at rdpuckett@ucanr.edu (559)646-6087.

Tour requests should be made at least one week prior to the tour date. Please fill out the Tour Request Form and email it to vasilva@ucanr.edu.

Research sponsored field days, tours, events or group visits require advanced notification and approval by the Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center director. We can help you complete the request forms by contacting Vince Silva at vasilva@ucanr.edu , (559) 646-6020

Associated charges will be reviewed during the scheduling process. The KARE administrative office can also be contacted at  (559) 646-6500 in the event the superintendent of agriculture or specialized facility coordinator is unavailable for a lengthy period of time.