Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center
University of California
Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center

Field research and operations management

The Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center provides project management and support for applied research on agricultural and environmental issues. We possess a combination of skills, knowledge and experience in managing and executing standard cultural and experimental design practices for about 40 crops, both perennial and annual.

We offer varying levels of management in support of the researcher to achieve a successful project outcome. Researchers may find it advantageous to rely on our group for help with day-to-day management of the research plot for routine activities such as planting, cultivation, irrigation, weed control, etc. Our group is knowledgeable in most "normal and ordinary" cultural practices. Additionally, we are frequently called upon to perform experimental procedures in the research project, including:

  • Assistance with the project design and physical layout
  • Fabrication or modification of specialized equipment
  • Coordination of field labor from planting to harvest
  • Collection and recording of critical research data

We are on-site to assist with the timely care of your project. Other associated responsibilities include record keeping of field activities for future reference and compliance with regulatory agencies, including health and safety and university policies. Please don't assume your work cannot be conducted here, ask us, you might be surprised with what we can do.

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