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UC Plant Protection Quarterly archive


Plant Protection Quarterly was published by the Plant Protection Group and UC Integrated Pest Management Program at the Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center from 1991 to 2008.

Volume 18 -2008

January 2008

  • Distribution of Spiroplasma Kunkelii and Dalbulus Maidis in the San Joaquin Valley, California - 2007
  • Replanting Vineyards Without Soil Fumigation

April 2008

  • Management of Sclerotinia Crown and Stem Rot of Alfalfa
  • Testing Use of Dazomet and/or Solarization for Control of Soilborne Pests of Melon in the Low Desert

Volume 17 -2007

January 2007

  • The Evolution of Biologically-based Integrated Pest Management in California Citrus: History and Perspective

April 2007

  • Re-creating the Delivery of Information: Packaging Existing IPM Knowledge in More Transparent Ways

Volume 16 -2006

January 2006

  • Potential New Insect Pests of Forage Crops in California
  • Developing a Pheromone-Based Mating Disruption Program for the Vine Mealybug

April 2006

  • Shifting Patterns in Insecticide Use on Cotton in California: 1993 to 2004
  • New Tools Available for Spider Mite Management in 2006

July 2006

  • Olive Fruit Fly Management Guidelines for 2006
  • A Color Variant of the Cowpea Aphid

Volume 15 -2005

January 2005

  • Decision-Making Tools for Pest Management – Additions to the UC IPM Pest Management Guidelines to Help Growers Consider Water Quality Issues
  • Control of Codling Moth in Backyard Orchards with Last Call CM (Permethrin and pheromone in paste formulation)

April 2005

  • Biological Control of Oriental Fruit Moth, Grapholitha Molesta (Busck)
  • Pink Biotype of the Pea Aphid found in California
  • Verticillium Wilt in Young Prunus spp.

October 2005

  • Glyphosate-Resistant Horseweed (Conyza Canadensis L. Cronq.) Biotype found in the Central San Joaquin Valley
  • Reflective Bed Mulch but not Over-the-Canopy Shade Cloth Controls Weeds in Field-Grown Zinnias
  • Strategies and Tactices for Fumigating Clay Loam Soils

Volume 14 -2004

January 2004

  • National Plant Diagnostic Network: Protecting America’s Agriculture

April 2004

  • Evaluation of Postharvest Treatments to Bulk Citrus for Eradication of the Glassywinged sharpshooter
  • Ants in Your Vineyard?

July 2004


  • Nematicidal Activity of Walnut Extracts Against Root-Knot Nematodes
  • Mechanisms that Reduce Nematode Development in New Grape Rootstocks
  • Impact of Organophosphate Insecticides on Cotton Insect Management
  • Managing Lygus in an Ecological Context
  • The Impact of the Loss of Organophosphate Insecticides on Citrus
  • Vedalia Beetle Population Response to Pest Management and Environmental Conditions
  • The Impact of the Loss of Organophosphates on Grape Production
  • The Impact of Loss of Organophosphate Insecticides on Almonds Impact of Legally Compliant Organic Pesticides on Natural Enemies
  • Host Plant Influence on Glassy-winged Sharpshooter and its Natural Enemies
  • Constraints on the effectiveness of Psyllaephagus bliteus (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae), a biological control agent for the red-gum lerp psyllid (Hemiptera: Psylloidea) in California
  • Investigations in the Management of San Jose Scale Diaspidiotus perniciosus (Comstock) (Homoptera: Diaspididae) with Horticultural Mineral Oil
  • Control of Codling Moth in Organic Pear Orchards from 1991-2004
  • Soil Solarization in Organic and Conventional Production Systems in Warmer Areas of California
  • Manipulating Microenvironments for Ecological Weed Management
  • Potential for Soil Biofumigation Using Residues of Allium spp. in Crop Rotation Strategies
  • Evaluation of Plastic Reflective and Wheat Straw Mulches for Pest and Disease Control in Cucurbit Production Systems
  • Evaluation of insecticide applications to reduce corn leafhopper populations and corn stunt disease
  • Grape IPM and Biological Control in California Organic Vineyards
  • Temperature-dependent Development of Anagyrus pseudococci on the Vine Mealybug
  • Seasonal Fluctuations in Crop Damage of Hemipteran pests in California Pistachio

Volume 13 -2003

January 2003

  • Tenlined June Beetle Attacking Almond Roots: A Past Problem Returns
  • European Fruit Lecanium (Parthenolecanium corni) In-Season Control with Low-Risk Insecticides

April 2003

  • Citrus Peelminer Evades Chemical Control
  • Evaluation of candidate insecticides for control of the corn leafhopper, Dalbulus maidis, in the San Joaquin Valley

July 2003

  • Evaluation of Wheat Straw Mulch for Management of the Corn Leafhopper and Corn Stunt Disease in the San Joaquin Valley
  • Surround Use in Citrus Increases California Red Scale
  • New Guide & Training for Lygus Identification Available

October 2003

  • New Findings on Band Canker of Almond Caused by Botryosphaeria dothidea


Volume 12 -2002

January 2002

  • Using GIS Approaches to Study Western Tarnished Plant Bug in the San Joaquin Valley
  • Perspective: Thrips in Alfalfa, but the Bovines Don’t Care

April 2002

  • Establishing a Relationship Between San Jose Scale Growth
    Stage and Spur Infestation in Almond
  • Bringing Biology and Ecology Back to Weed Management
  • New Faculty Focuses on Arthropod IPM in Grapes, Stone Fruit and Nut Crops

July 2002

  • Trap Suppression Using Four Hand-Applied Codling Moth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) Pheromone Dispensers
  • Katydid Management In San Joaquin Valley Stone Fruit Orchards

October 2002

  • Predicting Damage in French Prunes Caused by Obliquebanded Leafroller with Larval Monitoring, In-season Fruit Inspection and Pheromone Trapping

Volume 11 -2001

January 2001

  • Olive Fly Trapping Surveys in Southern California
  • Collection and Characterization of Botryosphaeria dothidea from Various Hosts and Pathogenicity Studies on Pistachio
  • Managing Lygus in the Landscape

April 2001

  • Population Dynamics of Vine Mealybug and its Natural Enemies in the Coachella and San Joaquin Valleys
  • Glassy-winged Sharpshooters in San Joaquin Valley Citrus
  • Penetration Development and Reproduction of Meloidogyne arenaria on Resistant and Susceptible Vitis spp.

July 2001

  • The Effects of Temperature, Time, and Amendment of Soil with Broccoli Residues on the Infestation of Melon (Cucumis melo L.) by Two Root-Knot Nematode Species
  • Impact of Gray Field Ant Exclusion from Vines on GrapeMealybug Abundance, Parasitism, and Infestation: A Progress Report
  • Methyl Bromide Alternatives: CDFA Approves an Additional Time/Temperature Solarization Treatment to Ensure against Pest Nematode Infestation of Containerized Nursery Stock
  • Key to Common Alfalfa and Cotton Aphids in California

Volume 10 -2000

April 2000

  • Managing San Jose Scale with Dormant Oils
  • Managing Lygus Bug (Lygus hesperus) in a Regional Context
  • Thrips Control on Fresh Shipping Fruit
  • Biology and Management of Verticillium Wilt of Prunus spp. In the Central Valley of California

July 2000

  • Bionomics of the Olive Fruit Fly Bactrocera (Dacus) oleae
  • Glassywinged Sharpshooter Moves into The San Joaquin Valley
  • Protecting Vineyards from Pierce’s Disease Vectored by the Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter: Preliminary Observations
  • Hairy Fleabane Biology
  • Implementation and Validation of a Thermal Death Database to Predict Efficacy of Soil Solarization for Weed Management in California
  • Perspective : “Means Were Not Significantly Different, But…”

October 2000

  • Insecticide Resistance Trends in Lygus Bugs and Cotton Aphids
  • Band Canker
  • Further Investigations on Management of San Jose Scale with Narrow Range Horticultural Oil

Volume 9 -1999

January 1999

  • Disease Monitoring and Prediction of Botryosphaeria Blight in California Pistachio Orchards
  • Management of Aphids, Silverleaf Whiteflies, and Corn Stunt Leafhoppers
  • Using Reflective Plastic Mulch and Insecticides: 1998 Season Review

April 1999

  • New California Pests
  • Studies on Sources of Inoculum of Alternaria Late Blight of Pistachio
  • Monitoring Disease Model Microclimates: A Perspective on Leaf Wetness Instrumentation Pitfalls
  • Cotton IPM In California: What Does It Mean To Use IPM?
  • Methyl Bromide Alternatives: CDFA Approves a Solarization Technique to Ensure Against
  • Nematode Pest Infestation of Containerized Nursery Stock

July 1999

  • Methyl Iodide, A Potential Replacement for Methyl Bromide Fumigation
  • Coachella Valley Cowpea Cover Crop - Weed Control Trials
  • Keeping Herbicides Out of Runoff Water
  • Effect of Cultural Practices and Fungicide Treatments on Alternaria leaf spot, A New Disease of Almond Trees Caused by Alternaria alternata
  • Pesticide Disruption of Vedalia Beetle Results in Cottony Cushion Scale Outbreaks

Volume 8 -1998

January 1998

  • Potassium Deficiency Symptoms in Acala Cotton Cultivars caused by Verticillium dahliae
  • Using Ecological Factors to Develop Regional Management Approaches for Lygus hesperus
  • Using Solarization to Disinfest Nursery Soil for Containerized Production
  • Management of Vegetable Insects Using Plastic Mulch: 1997 Season Review

July 1998

  • Olive Knot Control and Assessment of Copper Resistance in Pseudomonas savastanoi
  • The Use of San Jose Scale Monitoring Techniques in Establishing a Relationship Between Spring Male Scale Populations and Spring Crawler Abundance in Almonds: Interim Report
  • Cryolite Spray Timing for Omnivorous Leafroller Control in Grapes

Volume 7 -1997

January 1997

  • Maintaining an IPM Program an a Shifting Pest Environment: The Need for Consensus in Solving Problems
  • Evaluation of Spinosad for Controlling Codling Moth in a Conventionally Sprayed Orchard and Mating Disruption Apple Orchard
  • Facing Pesticide Resistant Armored Scale in Citrus: What Are Our Options?
  • Thinned Fruit: Significant Substrate of Secondary Spore Inoculum for Brown Rot in California Nectarine Orchards
  • Control and Management of San Jose Scale
  • Reflective Mulch for Managing Aphids, Aphid-Borne Viruses, and Silverleaf Whitefly: 1996 Season Review

April 1997

  • Populations of Mucor piriformis in Soils of Apple Orchards and Management Practices to Control Mucor Rot

July 1997

  • Soil Solarization: An Alternative Soil Disinfestation Strategy Comes of

October 1997

  • Determining the Economic Impact of Weed Control in Iceberg Lettuce Using Varied Rates of Kerb in Combination with Hand Hoeing
  • Control of San Jose Scale in Stone Fruits
  • Use of Cover Crops for Leafhopper Control in the Lodi-Woodbridge Winegrape Region

Volume 6 -1996

January 1996

  • Seasonal Monitoring of the Pistachio Seed Chalcid
  • Potential Herbicide Savings Using a Light-activated Sprayer in Row Crops
  • Snail Damage Increases Gray Mold Caused by Botrytis cinerea in Kiwifruit

April 1996

  • Management of Grape Mealybug Pseudococcus maritimus, in San Joaquin Valley Grape
  • The Information Superhighway - Hype or Help To IPM Practitioners?
  • IPM News From The National Scene - Mike Fitzner, IPM Program, CSREES USDA
  • Weed Species Controlled With Fabric Mulches

July 1996

  • UCIPM Impact Program on World Wide Web
  • Update on National IPM Initiative and Draft RFP for Phase II Grants

October 1996

  • First Report of Rhizoctonia solani (AG-4) on Pistachio Rootstock Seedlings
  • The Influence of Insecticide Use On Webspinning Spider Mite Infestation
  • Spread of Botryosphaeria dothidea In Pistachio Orchards of The Central Valley

Volume 5 -1995

January 1995

  • Damage Thresholds for Thrips on Drying Onions
  • Reflective Mulches Repel Aphids and Protect Cucurbitaceous Crops
    From Virus Disease

April 1995

  • North Coast Apple Scab Trials 1993-94, Organic and Conventional Materials Comparison

July 1995

  • Determining the Economic Impact of Weed Control in Iceberg Lettuce Using
    Varied Rates of Kerb in Combination with Hand Hoeing
  • Predicting Phenological Development of Five Weed Species Using Degree Days

October 1995

  • Mitigating the Volatilization Associated with Telone
  • First-Year Evaluation of Tree and Vine Growth and Nematode Development
    Following 17 Pre-plant Treatments
  • Biofumigation and Solarization for Soil Disinfestation
  • It is a Long Road from the Finding of a New Rootstock to the Replacement of a Soil Fumigant
  • Evidence for the Development of a Biological Vacuum in Soil Following
    Pre-plant Soil Fumigations or Drenches

Volume 4 -1994

January 1994

  • Seasonal Dynamics of Epiphytic Mycoflora and Insect Vectors Associated
    with the Summer Bunch Rot Complex of Table Grapes
  • Deep Plowing for Nutsedge Control
  • Occurrence of Moldy Core and Core Rot of Fuji Apple in California

July 1994

  • Participatory Research in Pest Management: The Impact of Generalist Predators on Peach Twig Borer in Peaches
  • Releasing Predatory Mites to Control Citrus Red Mite and Two Spotted Spider Mites in Citrus Greenhouses

October 1994

  • Almond Leaf Scorch Found in Tulare County
  • Weedseeker Sprayer Evaluation

Volume 3 -1993

April 1993

  • Abstracts of presentation at the Kearney Plant Protection Group pest management conference

October 1993

  • Controlling Weeds in Old Alfalfa Stands
  • Bemisia tabaci (Silverleaf/Sweetpotato Whitefly) in the
    San Joaquin Valley
  • Learning About Learning Theory
  • Feasibility of Soil Fumigation by Sealing Soil Amended with Fertilizers
    and Crop Residues Containing Biotoxic Volatiles

Volume 2 -1992

January 1992

  • Economic Thresholds Revisited: Considerations for Practical Applications
  • Prediction of Wind Scab in Prune Orchards and Predisposition of French Prune
    Fruits to Postharvest Fungal Decay by Russet Scab and Wind Scab

July 1992

  • Effects of Nitrogen Fertilization in Stone Fruits on Insect Pests and Fruit Size and Quality

October 1992

  • Mating Disruption of Peach Twig Borer, Anarsia lineatella Zeller:
    Progress and Problems
  • Cover Crops and Nematode Species
  • Combining Leaf Removal and Fungicides to Manage Grape Powdery Mildew
    in the San Joaquin Valley
  • Sweet Potato Whitefly, Bemisia tabaci, in the San Joaquin Valley

Volume 1 - 1991

April 1991

  • Current Status of Mating Disruption/Pheromones
  • Citrus Leaf Spot in Mexico caused by Alternaria

July 1991

  • Marigolds and Nematode Management
  • Further Tests on Effectiveness of Disinfectants for Preventing Transmission of Fireblight
  • Augmentative Release of Metaphycus helvolus for control of Black Scale
    Saissetia Olea, in Olives

October 1991

  • Oriental Fruit Moth Resistance to Azinphosmethyl