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Research Advisory Committee

The Research and Extension Center System (RECS) supports field research, education and extension activities by providing suitable environments including land, labor, facilities and support staff.  A Research Advisory Committee (RAC) is established at each of the nine [9] Centers to provide guidance in recommending projects conducted at the Centers.

The primary role of the RAC is to review proposed research and extension projects on an annual cycle, including off-cycle requests; provide recommendations on proposed projects and Center resources.  The RAC is comprised of a Chair and anywhere between 10-15 members representing academic leaders with competency and applicable expertise with the types of research and extension activities at the subject Centers.  Members are not limited to UC academics and may be expanded to include knowledgeable industry representatives and other qualified individuals.

Principal responsibilities of the RAC involves review and recommendation on research and extension project proposals based on scientific merit including an assessment of specific objectives, feasibility of success of project, previous track record and alignment with the Center’s long-term strategic plan.

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