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Starve and switch

Orchard replanting experiments 1-5 Where soil fumigants are unavailable: Starve & Switch

The starvation aspect of this approach relies on availability of systemic herbicides to kill complete root systems soon after their last harvest and then waiting for at least one full year prior to replanting.

The switch aspect of this approach relies on replanting with a rootstock that is of strikingly different parentage from the previous rootstock (tolerance to the rejection component) while also providing pest and disease resistance adequate for that particular field site.

Spot or strip treatments Rootstock selections available for rotation are limited.  There is practical value to providing pest and disease relief for the first six months after planting. Spot treatments may include soil steaming as well as fuming products having reduced VOC issues. The value of these treatments is to provide root protection during the first year of plant growth, a period when successful root exploration is most critical. For more information visit the steaming heading of this web site.

Orchard replanting experiments 1-5 (pdf)

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