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California Citrus Threat
Sponsored by the Citrus Research Board, this website helps the public identify and report occurrences of Asian citrus psyllid.

Citrus Research Board
The Citrus Research Program is the grower-funded and grower-directed program established in 1968 under the California Marketing Act as the mechanism enabling the state’s citrus producers to sponsor and support needed research. The program is administered by the Citrus Research Board, which is better known in the industry as simply “CRB.”

Citrus Entomology
This site provides researchers and stakeholders, including pest control advisers and growers involved in the California citrus industry, with online tools to map and monitor the introduction and distribution of exotic invasive citrus pests and diseases. It also serves as a resource for collaborating citrus researchers, such as regulators and pest management agencies.

Invasive Pests
USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service's website on non-native pests.

Save Our Citrus
USDA citrus protection website. (National scope.)

Invasive Species Council of California
The ISCC represents the highest level of leadership and authority in state government regarding invasive species. The ISCC is an inter-agency council that helps to coordinate and ensure complementary, cost-efficient, environmentally sound and effective state activities regarding invasive species.

California Department of Food and Agriculture
Asian citrus psyllid and huanlongbing resources. ACP quarantines.

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