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Beth L. Teviotdale Ph.D.

CE Plant Pathologist, Emeritus
Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension Center
1072 Rorden Avenue
Selma, CA 93662
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Ph.D., University of California, Davis, 1973

Research Statement
Diagnosis, epidemiology and control of fungal and bacterial diseases of deciduous fruit and nut crops.

Work Information

Location: Kearney Agricultural Center
Program Area: Plant Pathology
Unit: "Department of Plant Pathology, UC Davis"

Other Information

County: Fresno
Notes: 30 years with UC. UC's first woman agricultural specialist.


Epidemiology and control of deciduous tree nut and fruit crops and olive diseases


Non-Peer Reviewed

  • 1997. Palmer, E. L., B.L. Teviotdale, and A.L. Jones. A relative of the broad host range plasmid RSF1010 detected in field isolates of Erwinia amylovora. Applied and Envir. Microbiol.
  • 1997. Teviotdale, B. L., N. Goodell, and D. Harper. Abscission and kernel quality of almond fruit inoculated with the shot hole pathogen Wilsonomyces carpophilus. Plant Dis.: 82:000.
  • 1997. Teviotdale, B. L., M. Viveros, and J. Grant. Apple russetting influenced by more than copper sprays. Calif. Agr. 51 (1):11-14
  • 1996. Teviotdale, B. L., and D. Harper. Almond pruning wounds, bark abrasions susceptible to Ceratocystis. Calif. Agric. 50 (3):29-33.
  • 1996. Teviotdale, B. L., T.J. Michailides, D.A. Goldhamer, and M. Viveros. Effects of hull abscission and inoculum concentration on severity of leaf death associated with hull rot of almond. Plant Dis. 80:809-812.

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